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Mit unserem Werum PAS-X MES – vor Ort oder in der Cloud installiert – und unseren Softwarelösungen für Datenanalyse, Track & Trace, vernetzte Fabriken und intelligente Verpackungen sind wir der weltweit führende Anbieter und Partner der Pharma- und Biotechindustrie.

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Wir sind Spezialisten für komplette Transportsysteme im Bereich Pharma- und Medizinprodukte. Unsere Lösungen sind maßgebend im Bereich des kontaktlosen und sicheren Transports von z.B. Glasspritzen.

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Als weltweit führender Inspektionsexperte entwicklen wir Lösungen für die Pharma und Biotechindustrie. Unser Angebot reicht von Hochleistungsmaschinen und Halbautomaten über Laboreinheiten bis Inspektionsapplikationen für die Inprozesskontrolle.

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Wir sind führender Anbieter von Verpackungsmaschinen für flüssige und feste pharmazeutische- sowie für medizinische Produkte. Mit unseren Blister-, Sachet- und Stickpackmaschinen bieten wir Lösungen für Primärverpackungen. Unsere Side- und Topload-Kartonierer setzen weltweit Standards für die Sekundärverpackung.

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K.Pak Topload Case Packer

Introducing our latest solution from Körber; the K.Pak Topload Case Packer! Created specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the K.Pak solution provides operator-friendly machines to complete any production line. Our solution focuses on innovative technology, high-quality design and expert handling and packaging of your product. It’s time to start connecting the dots with Körber!



Als langjährige Spezialisten entwickeln wir Verpackungslösungen für innovative und hochwertige Pharma-Sekundärverpackungen aus Karton. Wir bieten Ihnen Lösungen für Fälschungssicherheit, Standard- Faltschachteln und vieles mehr.

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Unsere Experten beraten Sie nach der Analyse Ihrer Anforderungen, zeigen Ihnen Optimierungspotenziale auf und unterstützen Sie bei der Implementierung von Projekten in allen Bereichen der Pharma-, Biotech- und Medizinproduktindustrie.

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Packaging COVID-19 vaccines in less than six months

Pharma manufacturers and institutions worldwide are currently under great pressure to develop and deliver vaccines and advanced biological therapies to prevent and treat the Corona Virus. A lot of companies are now expanding their production capacities to ensure safe, reliable and fast mass production of COVID-19 vaccines. But to supply many million doses of the strongly needed vaccine, pharmaceutical companies need partners who can deliver packaging systems in just a few months. 

Körber understands the challenges of packaging large quantities of vials in multi-packs. Packaging systems must be flexible enough to handle other product formats – such as syringes – at a later date.

How Körber contributes to the global supply of COVID-19 countermeasures

This is where our packaging machines come into place. We will supply and commission four new Dividella NeoTOP topload cartoners for several members of Operation Warp Speed. This public-private partnership was initiated by the US-government. 

Its goal is to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines with the initial doses available by January 2021, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics (collectively known as countermeasures).

No time to read the entire article right now? Please get in contact with us here.

Flexible & fast: product change over and line clearance in <45 minutes

To achieve this ambitious goal, Dividella NeoTop machines are well positioned: they are world leading in terms of reliability, efficiency, GMP design and ease-of-use. Nine out of ten vaccines are packed with them. 

The modular design of the machines and a wide range of flexible feeding systems enable customers to package other products on the same line following the high-speed production of COVID-19 vaccines. A product change over and line clearance can be done in less than 45 minutes. Our packaging machines offer a broad production volume of 45 to 270 cartons per minute.

The cartons are easy to handle – and 100% recyclable 

Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the very short delivery times of the machines, the rapid commissioning and Dividella Solutions' cGMP-compliant production. The cartons, which are accessible from above, are easy to handle and open and the products can be removed easily – even by healthcare workers wearing full protective equipment. 

Fact is that most of the top pharma companies have defined to become plastic free within the next five to ten years. The monomaterial packaging designs are 100% recyclable, avoiding the unnecessary use of plastic.

The highly sensitive pharmaceutical products are securely packaged with no glass-to-glass contact. The compact cartons are lightweight but provide protection from glass breakage. 

Do you want to know more about our Dividella NeoTOP machines? Please get in contact with us here.

100% future proof investment – 50% less packaging costs

Our modular, adaptable machines are 100% future proof: They can easily be configured to package other products and pack configurations. 

Dividella NeoTOP is a long term investment which reduces the total cost of ownership. 50% reduction in pack volume cuts the expensive coldchain shipping and on-site storage costs in half.

We are by your side to support your packaging for the approaching vaccines. 

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+ 5x faster time to market 
+ 50% less packaging costs 
+ 100% future proof: configuration for almost infinite cartoning variety 
+ 100% recyclable cardboard 
+ Modular, adaptable machines: retrofit in <12 weeks

Körber has the 20 largest pharma companies among clients and offers over 125 years of in-depth pharma technology expertise.


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