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Software solutions

Software solutions

With our Werum PAS-X MES - on premise or cloud-based - and our software solutions for analysis, track & trace, networked factories, and intelligent packaging, we are the world's leading supplier and partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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Handling systems

Handling systems

We are specialists for complete handling systems for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our solutions are decisive in the field of contactless and safe transport of e.g. glass syringes.

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Inspection machines


As the world's leading inspection expert, we develop solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our range of products extends from high-performance machines and semi-automatic machines to laboratory units and inspection applications for in-process control.

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Packaging machines

Packaging machines

We are a leading supplier of packaging machines for liquid and solid pharmaceutical and medical products. With our blister, sachet and stick packaging machines we offer solutions for primary packaging. Our side and topload cartoners set standards worldwide for secondary packaging.

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K.Pak Topload Case Packer

Introducing our latest solution from Körber; the K.Pak Topload Case Packer! Created specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the K.Pak solution provides operator-friendly machines to complete any production line. Our solution focuses on innovative technology, high-quality design and expert handling and packaging of your product. It’s time to start connecting the dots with Körber!

Packaging solutions

Packaging solutions

As long-standing specialists, we develop packaging solutions for innovative and high-quality secondary pharmaceutical packaging made of cardboard. We offer you solutions for counterfeit protection, standard folding boxes and much more.

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Our experts will advise you during the analysis of your requirements, show you optimisation potential and support you during the implementation of projects in all areas of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.

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Welcome to the PEP talks podcast Media center


Each episode of the pharmaceutical expert podcast will feature real conversations on current topics impacting the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Join our hosts, Frank O’Loughlin and Elizabeth Doyle, as they uncover exciting real-world insights and practical recommendations straight from experts in the industry. So sit back, relax or go for a walk and listen with some PEP in your step! Here comes PEP talks. 

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Our hosts

Frank O’Loughlin - Körber Business Area Pharma

Frank O’Loughlin
Business Transformation Manager Software
Körber Business Area Pharma

Laura Ferri - Körber Business Area Pharma

Laura Ferri
Cloud Customer Success Manager Software
Körber Business Area Pharma

#10: “The world of pharmaceutical packaging”

With Erk Wolters, Regional Sales Director Packaging Machines, and Ruaidhri O’Brien, Head of Sales Ireland & UK 

Have you ever wondered what all needs to be considered when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging? In the last PEP talks podcast episode of the year, our experts from Körber, Erk Wolters and Ruaidhri O'Brien, talk about something we take for granted in everyday life. Together, we discover the world of pharmaceutical packaging and learn more about blister packs or current trends in the industry like LSC – Late Stage Customization. 

#9: Change Management: How does it really work?

With Daniel R. Matlis, President & Founder, Axendia, Inc., and Sandra Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst, Axendia, Inc. 

We’ve all seen both examples, when it’s done right, acceptance and when it’s done wrong, rejection or worse. In this episode, we are talking about Change Management. Our two experts, Daniel R. Matlis and Sandra Rodriguez of Axendia, Inc., have guided projects through the Change Management waters and have come out right side up. Together we uncover the pitfalls to avoid and the keys to successful Change Management.

#8: The cell & gene therapy revolution

With Dr. Judith Koliwer, Principal Consultant Software, Körber Business Area Pharma

In this episode, we are delving into the groundbreaking world of cell & gene therapy (CGT, or ATMP) - the fastest growing market within the pharmaceutical industry. Cell & gene therapy can set completely new standards in medicine and opens the possibility of curing even the most difficult diseases. Our expert, Dr. Judith Koliwer, explains the basics of CGT and highlights the differences compared to traditional biotech production.

#7: Biopharma: Back to School

With Dr. Gary Gilleskie, Executive Director with BTEC at North Carolina State University

Are you new to the biopharma industry? If so, then this 20-minute episode is for you! Together with Dr. Gary Gilleskie from BTEC, the Biomanufaturing Training and Education Center at North Carolina State University, we explain the basics of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. How are biopharmaceuticals different from traditional pharmaceutical products? Do cell and gene therapies fall into the category of biopharmaceuticals? Do you know the difference between the upstream and downstream parts of the manufacturing processes? We tackle these questions and more in this episode of PEP talks. 

#6: Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the Cloud

With Chris Kopinski, Business Development Manager with Amazon Web Services, Sam Russem, Senior Director of Smart Manufacturing with Grantek, and Adin Stein, Head of IT, Cloud Infrastructure and Cybersecurity with Lyell

What do technology and the cloud hold in store for the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing? What barriers does the life sciences industry face in adoption and implementation of this technology? Is it reliable and secure enough to meet compliance regulations within this industry? Our panelists address these concerns and discuss the use of corporate cloud technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This panel was recorded as part of Connext America, the Pharma Software Summit by Körber.

#5: Business needs during the pandemic 

With Sandra Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst with Axendia, and Dr. David Smith, VP Technical Operations of Ori Biotech North America

When the pandemic hit, the highly regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare industries were arguably the most affected. Our panelists discuss the nature of disruptive events and what valuable learnings and process updates can be gained from disruptions such as the global COVID pandemic. We hope you enjoy and gain new perspective from this lively conversation, taken from Connext America, the Pharma Software Summit by Körber! 

#4: You say you want a digital revolution

With Owen Bonner, Director Software Ireland, Körber Business Area Pharma 

In pharmaceutical and biotech production, it is crucial to link the right data and understand it in the right way. In this episode, we explore what digitization means, what steps companies need to take to digitize their production, and whether suppliers are keeping pace with the digital revolution. 

#3: I'll take Pharma 4.0 for $200 please (2)

With Mike Lohmeyer, Vice President of Distribution, Grantek

In the second part of the series, we continue our conversation about Pharma 4.0 and answer the question of what comes first – the factory hardware or the software? We also find out best practices of how to select the ideal software and hardware based on the manufacturer’s goals and requirements. 

#2: I'll take Pharma 4.0 for $200 please (1)

With Sam Russem, Senior Director, Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Grantek 

At this point, Pharma 4.0 could easily be a category of a popular game show. But, would the players get all the questions right? Is there only one correct answer?  In the start of a two-part series we will explore the world of Pharma 4.0. We will define the buzzwords and discuss how to set goals for smart manufacturing – whether it is for a Greenfield plant or an established pharma factory.  

#1: Debunking myths about the FDA for pharma manufacturing

With Daniel R. Matlis, President & Founder, Axendia, Inc.

What is real and what is a myth when it comes to FDA regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing? In our first episode of PEP talks, we’ll clear up some myths and misinterpretations of regulatory requirements with our expert guest Daniel R. Matlis, President and Founder of Axendia, Inc., an analyst firm providing trusted advice to life science executives on business, technology and regulatory issues. You won’t want to miss this discussion as commonly held beliefs get busted. 

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