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Software solutions

Software solutions

With our Werum PAS-X MES - on premise or cloud-based - and our software solutions for analysis, track & trace, networked factories, and intelligent packaging, we are the world's leading supplier and partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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Handling systems

Handling systems

We are specialists for complete handling systems for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our solutions are decisive in the field of contactless and safe transport of e.g. glass syringes.

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Inspection machines


As the world's leading inspection expert, we develop solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our range of products extends from high-performance machines and semi-automatic machines to laboratory units and inspection applications for in-process control.

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Machine finder

Packaging machines

Packaging machines

We are a leading supplier of packaging machines for liquid and solid pharmaceutical and medical products. With our blister, sachet and stick packaging machines we offer solutions for primary packaging. Our side and topload cartoners set standards worldwide for secondary packaging.

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K.Pak Topload Case Packer

Introducing our latest solution from Körber; the K.Pak Topload Case Packer! Created specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the K.Pak solution provides operator-friendly machines to complete any production line. Our solution focuses on innovative technology, high-quality design and expert handling and packaging of your product. It’s time to start connecting the dots with Körber!

Packaging solutions

Packaging solutions

As long-standing specialists, we develop packaging solutions for innovative and high-quality secondary pharmaceutical packaging made of cardboard. We offer you solutions for counterfeit protection, standard folding boxes and much more.

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Our experts will advise you during the analysis of your requirements, show you optimisation potential and support you during the implementation of projects in all areas of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.

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Digitalization and optimization for your production – from consulting to award-winning digital solutions Digital


Are you looking to increase efficiency, reduce downtimes and gain more flexibility in production? Our digital portfolio convinces with effective consulting all the way to a solution tailored to your needs. We support you on your path to digital transformation, with solutions in the focus areas of connectivity, optimization and associated digital services, such as digital training or remote support. 

Digital Transformation ConsultingDigital Learning PlatformsManufacturing IT/OTAI TechnologiesSmart Remote Services


Körber's Digital Product Portfolio is supporting our customer from level 1 to level 5 on their way to digital transformation by offering the following five product groups:

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Digital Learning Platforms 
  • Manufacturing IT/OT
  • AI Technologies
  • Smart Remote Services

PAS-X Strategic Consulting

Define the goals and strategies for your manufacturing IT and leverage the potential of Werum PAS-X MES. We advise and guide you through the complete digitalization process, from the start of the digital strategic analysis and definition phase, through project/program execution, to concrete optimization potential in operations, as well as in quality assurance, compliance and operational excellence. C-level training & consulting on manufacturing IT, definition of scalable strategies and blueprints, PAS-X MES management for mergers and acquisitions, support for PAS-X MES implementation strategies and related global MES program guidelines, harmonization of manufacturing processes - these are just a few examples of our world-class consulting services.

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PAS-X CMC Innovation Consulting

We blend biotechnological process expertise with cutting-edge data analysis techniques. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, we deploy data science tools across the entire process lifecycle – from characterization and performance qualification to continued process verification and real-time control. Our track record includes successfully supporting the commercialization of 20+ pharmaceutical products. Applying statistical best practices, advanced modelling approaches, and end-to-end modelling, coupled with our expert knowledge, we help you optimize, validate, and control your processes efficiently. This approach enhances product quality, boosts productivity, and provides a robust foundation for discussions with regulatory authorities (FDA, EMA, etc.).

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Digital Consulting

We guide you through any phase of your digital transformation: From evaluating your current digital maturity level with precise industry benchmarking to exploring quick wins with a huge ROI potential. And we will of course support you with ongoing strategic consulting services to implement the right components of Pharma 4.0. 

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OEE Consulting

Limited resources while keeping the costs at a limit in pharmaceutical production. Sounds like a familiar challenge? Having a partner that knows how to manoeuvre this is critical. External as well as internal influences keep changing and trends are ever evolving. Therefore, the need for flawless pharmaceutical processes is more important than ever. You may ask yourself, how can you optimize your production processes, kickstart digitization, or accelerate your time to production after buying new machines? This is where we step in, committed to advocating for your interests and delivering tangible results.

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Make the most of your experience with Körber and become an expert in your field with special training and learning courses. Our service offers you high-value training and advanced training for your entire team both online and on-site, and prepares you for working with our machines, systems, and software. Go here to find out more about training at Körber.

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AI in visual inspection

Train your camera inspection with AI – deep learning makes our highly efficient inspection technologies even more powerful.

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Digital Twin End-to-End Process Modeling

“Digital Twins” has become synonymous with cutting-edge digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry. The Körber Pharma E2E DT process models is connecting an in-silico model of a manufacturing process through defined interfaces to the actual physical process. Unlike models or digital twins that describe only individual production steps, this end-to-end digital twin process models encompass entire processes - from process development to manufacturing. They allow predictions of end product quality based on any process parameter at each stage or starting material. This knowledge can be leveraged to optimize process flows, assess the impact of production deviations, and enable real-time process control.

Line Optimizer - Detect

Assisted Line Clearance: Enhancing Efficiency with AI

In pursuit of operational excellence, our Assisted Line Clearance solution Line Optimizer Detect offers a robust framework for detecting and rectifying deviations swiftly. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this system ensures secure and efficient operations across various machinery types. Notably, it remains supplier-independent, seamlessly integrating into existing systems.

Line Optimizer – Manage & Execute

Configure and control your machines or your entire production line via a single centralized solution. The Line Optimizer lets you to reliably and easily handle all quality-related processes. This smooth connectivity reduces the effort needed for refits and maintenance, and improves product quality.

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Line Optimizer – Guided Workflows

Optimize production and make best possible use of your machine data with our line optimization solution. Harmonized interface are part of it as well. Digitize the format change and line clearance process chains using our guided workflows based on modern augmented reality solutions. It’s completely paperless, including the GMP documentation that is required.

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For your efficient and error-proof production: Our world-leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Suite PAS-X controls, monitors, and documents your processes digitally and in real time throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

Körber’s PAS-X MES Suite enables you to reduce the error rate and the manufacturing costs. In addition, you can shorten time-to-market and increase efficiency for your company.

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PAS-X Savvy

Accelerate your processes and connect your people across departments and sites. With our Werum PAS-X Savvy you can manage, visualize and analyze your bioprocess data fast, comprehensive and in real time.

How about getting from development to commercial production in an agile, secure and robust way? Werum PAS-X, the leading collaborative data analytics platform from Körber, lets you exploit the hidden potential of your process data. 

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Remote Access

With our modern Remote Access, our experts can directly access your machines. This makes it possible to shorten a technician’s visit to your plant or avoid it altogether. Real-time data, supported by a high-speed camera, make quick and precise remote diagnoses possible.

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Remote Visual Assistance

Whether it’s an emergency situation, acceptance test or commissioning: we can support you on site with our remote service tool – whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Worldwide. Minimize downtime, delays, costs and improve your production quality.

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